My opinion on Galaxy Secret


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My opinion on Galaxy Secret


Have you ever thought that game, culture and business couldn’t fit together ? 
That is no longer true thanks to True Project SL !
You will find below my opinion on Galaxy Secret, an opportunity that may create a buzz on the next months !


First of all, I would like to thank Jean-Luc Beille and Pierre-André Golbain, french coordinator for Galaxy Secret and its creator Pascal Boyer who trusted me with these information and allowing me to introduce you now this new innovative concept. 






Pascal Boyer is not what you can call a Newbie in MLM industry. He’s been working in direct marketing for more than 10 years.

As many, he came to realise that 90% person in this industy are not earning any money.

For the last 8 years, he racked his brain and surround himself with professionnals to offer you this opportunity able to satisfy all distributors even the ones that are having trouble succeeding.

8 years of work, can you image the work that is behind ?

This piece of information alone should be enough to make up your mind about Galaxy Secret.


Presentation of Galaxy Secret


Galaxy secret can be defined as the most simple, ingenious, lucrative and realistic opportunity in direct marketing industry.

However, before getting into the hard stuff of MLM, you should know that Galaxy Secret is before anything else a general culture game which goal is a treasure quest.

It’s 12 events by year, the several treasure accumulated are valued for 1 million euros.

Yes , yes, 1 million euros.



Legality, reliability and originality of Galaxy Secret



Before you have any doubts about Galaxy Secret being legal or your ability to earn money with it, you will know in the following line why your opinion about Galaxy Secret cannot be negative.

First of all, from a legal stand point, it’s clearly stated in the Terms and Conditions that True Project SL is associated to the spannish direct selling association.

Furthermore, subscribing to Galaxy Secret is a two parts process : distributor licence + game.

Regarding the originality of the game, your opinion on Galaxy Secret could be « but if i don’t find any client, my investment will be lost ».

As a matter of fact no !

If you were not to find any client, you will always have the opportunity to play the game and win of the many gifs !



If you were supersticious and you are telling to yourself « i never had any luck in games » know that GS is a cultural game so even if you were not going to win, you’ll have learnt many interesting stuff !

Ready to start ?

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